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AIRNERGY Medical Plus - Medical device

AIRNERGY Medical Plus - Medical deviceThe Airnergy Medical Plus device has been approved as a medical device according to the basic requirements of the MDD (Medical Device Directive) 93/42/EEC. The device is used to supplement respiratory air (spirovitalisation), a process that can increase the energy available to the body from inhaled air. The procedure is used in naturopathy and alongside other methods in conventional medicine. It can be used for preventive care and to support therapy for a broad range of conditions, including energy deficiency, burnout and sleep disorders.

AIRNERGY Professional Plus

AIRNERGY Professional PlusIn the case of chronic disorders or problems with health or if trying to achieve a significant increase in performance, e.g. athletes or as a means of prevention in companies, the Professional Plus device offer the best choice. Recommended application time: 21 mins.


AIRNERGY Basis PlusThe Airnergy Basis Plus device is ideally suited for preventive healthcare in younger and healthy people. Recommended application time: 40 mins.

All of these Airnergy machines come with a 2-year guarantee and may require a first service after 2,000 hours of operation.

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Airnergy Machines

What is Airnergy?

Airnergy technology uses one of nature's processes which has existed for millions of years, i.e. photosynthesis in green leaves. This ensures that oxygen is activated in a way which your body understands.

Similar to water, warm or cold, oxygen also has various properties. Warm water dissolves materials such as sugar or salt crystals quickly and in larger quantities because warm water is highly reactive. Cold water only dissolves such materials at a slow rate and in smaller quantities because cold water has low reactivity.

Oxygen also has various properties: the oxygen present in respiratory air is not reactive. In order to make the oxygen utilisable for producing energy in the body, the body must first bring the oxygen into its reactive state – the singlet state. However, as the body’s ability to use the oxygen diminishes with increasing age, through stress, illness and environmental toxins the body requires energy in order to improve its performance and therefore its healing and regeneration processes again. Airnergy helps the body to increase its use of oxygen in a natural way.