What’s the difference in the Airnergy models?

WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATION UNITS (that generate the intensity)?

The difference in each Airnergy device is in the number of activation units contained within each machine. The Wellness Basis Plus device has two activation units, the Professional three and the Professional Plus and Avant Garde  devices have four activation units.

The activation units inside the device are part of the energy generation process. Each activation unit contains a wavelength of red light and a catalyst. When air is pulled into the Airnergy device via a filter, the oxygen molecules are changed in the activation chambers from their normal triplet state to singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen lives for less than a nanosecond, goes back to its ground state and as it does so releases energy. The more activation units in the Airnergy device, the more energy is therefore produced.

This is especially important for those who are chronically ill and of the older generation. It is not just the time spent on the device which is important; it is the intensity of therapy which is more important. That’s why we advise people to take an Airnergy device with as many activation units as they can afford. Some ask “Why not more activation units for even greater intensity?” But over 20 years of evidence, studies, experience and knowledge tells us that the optimum number for the human body is a maximum of four. No additional benefit can be gained by having more than this.

What’s included when I purchase a Second-Hand Airnergy device?

When you purchase a second-hand Airnergy device, also included are all the accessories that you would receive with a new machine.  This includes: 1 main adapter, 10 nasal cannulas, 1 complete glass bottle and element, 2 air filters, 1 instruction manual

What is the delivery time?

If we receive an order before 12.00pm we can usually dispatch the same day for next working day delivery.  Delivery is via courier.  Someone must be at the delivery address to accept delivery of the device.

Is there VAT included in the price of a Airnergy Second-Hand unit?

There is no VAT on second-hand units, it is zero-rated.

Is there a guarantee on my Second-Hand Airnergy device?

All machines come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from the day of original manufacture.  If the device you purchase is over 2 years old, then BioLife Solutions Ltd (exclusive UK / Ireland Airnergy distributor) will warranty the device for either 3 or 6 months from date of invoice.

What are the Payment terms?

All purchases must be pre-paid.  We accept payment by credit / debit card over the phone, also bank transfer.  Cheques are also fine but we must wait 5 days for the cheque to clear before dispatching the unit.

How do I purchase Airnergy Accessories in the future?

All accessories are available from BioLife Solutions Ltd, Tel: 01938 556800.  Orders for accessories are normally dispatched the same day by Royal Mail.