To start with, an honest and committed team of employees from Airnergy International GmbH, based in Hennef, Germany who have been working with our customers, users, business partners and experts since the year 2000 to form a strong community. In addition, there is a scientific advisory body made up of professionals from medical, biochemical and biophysical specialist areas, who regularly test and research Airnergy and so support its continuing further development.

Based on measurable results we were able to prove for the first time that it is not the quantity of oxygen (as was the case in previous oxygen-based therapies, which relied on an increased supply of oxygen), but rather the way it is used within the organism which is important. With oxygen as a basis for regeneration and without the need for extraneous substances, in the form of inhaled air and in a device accessible to all.

AIRNERGY has thus carried out pioneering work from the outset. Its success has not only made medical practitioners and healthcare experts in professional circles sit up and take notice, but has also inspired scientists and researchers working in a range of professional areas. Experts in institutes and universities in Germany and abroad are therefore currently looking at the principles behind AIRNERGY. The results of their studies and theses are reflected in our further development. In addition to this numerous doctors from various disciplines carry out their own practice observations on AIRNERGY. Thanks in particular to the committed support of our customers from more than 60 countries, AIRNERGY is now able to draw on experiences from a variety of different areas of application.

In order to meet our quality requirements we are continually trying to make improvements. The fact that AIRNERGY has achieved recognition in the world of medical science, is something we are especially proud of. And we seek to pass on all our newly acquired knowledge to our customers through our production or through specialist advice.

You should feel well! At Airnergy ambitious, honest and competent people are working to achieve this. THAT is what is behind Airnergy.

CURIOSITY KEEPS US ALIVE. We hope you will find the confidence to try something that your body is already familiar with. Because the powers of nature are wonderful. But we forget about these until we experience them anew.

We hope that we have been able to whet your appetite and that you would like to learn more about what AIRNERGY can do for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you good health!