Wednesday 10 April 2013

Airnergy is proud to support handcyclist Karen Darke in her quest to become the first paraplegic to ‘ski’ to the South Pole (see and to continue in the sports of handcycling and triathlon to compete in the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

In 2012 Karen became a Paralympic Silver Medallist in handcycling at London 2012 and also became World Para-triathlon Champion.

Already Karen has just won her first ever EHC (European Handbike Circuit) race!

“I have never won an EHC race before (often in the top few but usually get beaten in a sprint finish). This year I rode off the front at the start of the race and somehow stayed away, to win 11 minutes from the next person in my category, and the fastest women out of all categories. So yes, I was surprised! I’ve been training hard (and using Airnergy for 6 weeks now) so maybe with that combination I shouldn’t have been surprised!”

Karen also comments:
“I am sleeping like a LOG! Unbelievably sound, solid sleep. After using Airnergy for 4 weeks, I’ve felt really good. I seem to have been able to consistently do some hard training multiple days in a row, without feeling as fatigued as I would normally expect. One day I went for a really hard ride and was out for 4 hours. When I got back, I was exhausted, lay down and used Airnergy for 1.5 hours, then when I got up again I felt like new – very interesting.”

“I do feel that it is helping me recover more quickly than I’m used to. I feel better generally – a bit more energy for things when not cycling, better in myself etc.”

‘Disability is a state of mind, not a state of body’