Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Made in Germany health technology makes the most of respiratory air / The smallest climatic health spa in the world

A high-tech forge from North Rhine-Westphalia does not give you wings but it does give you strength, according to the manufacturer’s slogan. Its revolutionary innovation: so-called spirovital therapy. Or, to put it simply: making the air that we breathe more effective and more efficient. Using a patented method, atmospheric oxygen is converted into a higher-energy state, so that it can be more effectively metabolised in the cells of the body. This does not involve increasing the amount of oxygen or ionising it or adding ozone; nor does it use any exogenous substances or chemistry. The developers in Hennef near Bonn believe that scientific and medical circles should sit up and take notice of the holistic results achieved by users.

The start-up company took a close look at a key process of natural photosynthesis. The researchers then developed and marketed special energy transformers, which are designed to improve oxygen utilisation rather than increasing the uptake of oxygen, as previous methods do. A healthy person exhales three-quarters of the oxygen they inhale completely unused – without having the chance to convert it into metabolic energy for the cells; and this proportion is even higher in people who are ill, are getting on in age, do not take sufficient exercise or are suffering the effects of stress or environmental pollution.

If necessary, our bodies can survive for weeks without solid food, and for a few days without water – depending upon environmental conditions. However, in the absence of oxygen, our brain cells start to die after only a few minutes. The process of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation works because around 75% of the air we inhale remains unused. It is no secret in medical circles that oxygen is the most important remedy for cellular life.

The Made in Germany energising machines are about the size of a folded newspaper. In addition to the air available in the atmosphere, they provide approximately 4 litres of activated air per minute, inhaled via a discreet nasal cannula. A “spirovital” treatment several times a week is said to help the body to regenerate more effectively and to produce new energy – that is to say, ATP or adenosine triphosphate – directly in its own cells. Today the energising machines are known as the “smallest climatic health spas in the world”. They have already been used over a million times, in medical practices and clinics amongst other places, and have resulted in improvements in health. Consequently, the spirovital machines are now being increasingly used in private households, within companies for preventative corporate healthcare and in fitness and wellness facilities to improve recovery and increase endurance.

In 2010 the machines were officially licensed as medical devices and, since then, have won numerous international prizes for innovation – including the Century Award from a German specialist committee from the health and fitness sector, this being the first time in the world that a product or a brand has received this award.

The manufacturer cannot promise a cure. However, spirovital therapy is said to bring about a general improvement in overall well-being, quality of sleep and routine energy levels. Throughout Germany there are now around 25,000 treatment units available every day at more than 1,000 public energy stations. The network of providers is expected to grow even further, so that in 2015 there will be around 100,000 treatment units available every day in Germany alone. You can find the addresses of these medical and commercial establishments on the Website.