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AMG Mercedes DTM Company Drivers start with Airnergy

Friday 24th January 2014 For more than 20 years, the Austrian, Toni Mathis, has been the physiotherapist the AMG Mercedes DTM team relies on. He is primarily responsible for the fitness, power, regeneration and well-being of the currently 8 company drivers as well as of some officials. Widely experienced and open-minded about natural health and […]

The new Airnergy design model “Cheops”

Thursday 7th November 2013 Since its launch in 2010, the design series Avant Garde has proved a success. Those clients who until then had relinquished toSpirovital therapy at home or in the office, not least because the classic Airnergy line is not always appealing enough, can now look forward to a new highlight, the prototype […]

Medical innovation off to a good start

Tuesday 3rd September 2013 Made in Germany health technology makes the most of respiratory air / The smallest climatic health spa in the world A high-tech forge from North Rhine-Westphalia does not give you wings but it does give you strength, according to the manufacturer’s slogan. Its revolutionary innovation: so-called spirovital therapy. Or, to put […]